Look forward to going to the dentist

A dental experience that puts you at the centre


Feel amazing about your oral health.

Our Promise to You

Reimagining Dental Care

You deserve the very best dental care, and it’s our job to make sure that you get just that.  We are Vital Dental Care, your friendly and experienced Camp Hill dental team.

Our Services

Dental wellness services in a modern, tech-enabled clinic.

Best-in-class care, accessible pricing, and a seamless patient experience

A Top-Rated Clinical Team

We want you to look forward to going to the dentist. Growing up, Dr Philip Chou understood what it meant to be afraid of the dentist, but finding a dentist he trusted changed all that. 


That’s why when we had the opportunity to open our own dental practice, our team wanted to make the entire experience better.


We combine science-based treatment you trust with a team who’ll never judge and an environment that soothes (did we mention you can watch Netflix while getting treatment?).


At Vital Dental Care, we take care of your oral health—and your overall health—with incredible technology, a no-judgment attitude, and only the care you need so you will always feel completely at ease.


Meet Our Top-Rated Clinical Team

Decades of combined experience mean that you will experience compassionate dentistry from people who know exactly how you feel.  

We will take the time to sit down, talk to you and look you in the eye.  We promise to give you the best and non-judgmental dental advice.

Full Service Dentistry

Conveniently located at Camp Hill Marketplace. We offer a full range of dental services from exams and cleans to Invisalign and implants.

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