How Safe are Teeth Whitening Treatments?

In-chair professional teeth whitening treatment

At Vital Dental Care, we believe teeth whitening should always be safe and effective. That’s why we take the safety of teeth whitening very seriously. We only use products that are proven to be safe, so you can trust us with your teeth whitening needs.

Some people can be extremely sensitive to the bleach used in teeth whitening treatments which can cause pain and damage to their oral health. So while teeth whitening is usually a safe treatment, there are instances when a dentist will not agree to professionally whiten your teeth. Curious about the safety of teeth whitening treatments? Keep reading below.

The Truth About In-Chair Teeth Whitening

In-Chair teeth whitening under the supervision of an experienced dentist who takes the safety of teeth whitening seriously is where you will get the best, and safest, results.

The whitening ingredients used under the supervision of a trained dentist are much stronger than what’s used in at-home kits. Making results seen quicker and lasting longer. At Vital Dental Care, we also offer a take-home kit to continue whitening your teeth at home. These kits are designed by dentists and are tailored to your whitening treatment plan.

We understand that teeth whitening is a personal choice and that people have different levels of sensitivity when it comes to tooth whitening products. So, while teeth whitening may not be appropriate for everyone, if done properly and with the right product – it can be an incredibly safe procedure.

If you’re considering teeth whitening, make sure to speak with our experienced team at Vital Dental Care first. We’ll evaluate your teeth and ensure that you’re using the right teeth-whitening products and techniques. We want to make sure that teeth whitening is done safely, so you can enjoy the results without causing any damage to your oral health.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Stand Out From the Crowd With A Brighter Smile

At Vital Dental Care, safety is our top priority when it comes to teeth whitening – so you can trust us with your smile.

Our teeth whitening offer is our gift to you this Christmas to ensure the safety of your teeth whitening treatment. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information if you’ve been thinking about having your teeth whitened.

Book with us today to learn more about teeth whitening and discover how we make it a safe procedure for you!