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Dr Philip Chou

Owner, Dentist, BDSc (Qld)

We heard you hated the dentist as a child. What changed that?

When I moved to Australia at 5 years old, I had a mishap that required urgent dental care. Thankfully, my mum found an amazing dentist who helped me with my phobia and I soon grew to enjoy going to dental appointments and became inspired by my dentist (who I consider a mentor and still keep in touch with to this day!)


What do you enjoy most about your job?  

Getting to know my patients and hearing about their lives! I love being part of our local community. I also love seeing how great oral health can make such a positive difference to your overall wellbeing. Oh, and when patients say, “I don’t know why I was so worried! That didn’t hurt at all!”


How do you recharge after a busy week? 

Not sure you would call it a “recharge”😂 but I love spending time with my two daughters and taking them on adventures!  I also love motorsports and regularly go go-karting on weekends.


If you weren’t a dentist, what would you be doing instead?  An F1 racer!  Or a full-time traveller, the world is an amazing place.  

Allana McCabe

Oral Health Therapist, BOralHlth (CQU)

Hi, My name is Allana McCabe and I’m an Oral Health Therapist!
You will see me if you are interested in having a comprehensive examination, a professional clean, fillings, orthodontic adjustments or whitening. 

When I was younger, I needed a lot of help with my teeth and I was lucky enough to receive that from caring people. They made me interested in working in the field of dentistry.


Our oral health impacts the whole body health in many ways. I enjoy educating patients on how to achieve high quality oral care to prevent disease. I love working with children as it is especially important to build positive oral care habits at a young age.


Proper brushing, flossing and dietary habits can make a significant impact on our oral health and we would love to discuss this with you at your visit. The way we breathe and how we rest and use our jaw also has an impact on our whole body health which will be screened. 


When I’m not at work, I live the simple things like spend long time with family and friends. I love learning new cooking techniques. I enjoy a good snow holiday and learning about engines and motorsports.

Jenna Gibson

Practice Manager

Jenna, you’ve been in the dental industry a LONG time.  Tell us about it!

Phil and I have actually worked together since I was a baby practice manager (nearly 20 years ago….gulp!).  In that time, I’ve gone from receptionist, to dental assistant, to clinical co-ordinator to practice manager!


Most people either loved going to the dentist as a kid—or absolutely hated it. Where did you fall? How come?

I absolutely loved going to the dentist as a child!  I had really wanted braces as a kid but lucked out with straight teeth. I went as far as straightening out a paperclip and wrapping it around my teeth so it looked like I had braces 😂


What’s your greatest dental-related achievement?

Honestly, I love helping my patients everyday achieve their oral health goals, but I was super excited to win the  Australian Dental Association’s Award of Excellence for my paper on infection control, which was published in the Australian Dental Association magazine.


And what’s your greatest non-dental achievement?

My two children, whom I utterly adore.  I love family time with them and my husband, and we regularly go camping and 4×4 driving together on Straddie and Moreton Islands.

Elisa Worth

Clinical Co-Ordinator and Dental Nurse

Client services and patient care is something you’re really passionate about. Can you tell us why?

I’ve literally had decades of experience in customer service – I started in fashion, managing boutiques, before working my way up in the cosmetics world, then back to managing a major fashion label.


What made you decide to switch to dentistry?

As a child, I was scared of the dentist! The school dental van experience was definitely not fun for me😂but I was keen for a change from working in fashion but wanted to stay in customer service so I thought dental assisting would provide the perfect challenge and help me conquer my fear so I could help others get through their fear too! 


What’s something that really, really, really makes you smile? Like, really?

My husband has  a very unique belly laugh…. and its rare if someone can make him laugh like that, but I love love love it when he does.  


Oral Health Therapist, BOralHlth (CQU)

Why did you decide to do a Bachelor in Oral Therapy?
Working in dentistry as a dental nurse for 6 years, I slowly developed an interest in the prevention, treatment and management of oral diseases.
What do you like more about your profession? 
Having the ability to make a difference in the oral health and overall general health of each individual.
What’s your favourite oral health tip?
Treat flossing as important as brushing.
Can you tell us about some of your favourite hobbies?
Spending time with nieces. Going on picnics. Playing board games (Chess & Monopoly). Occasional indoor rock climbing.
What is your favourite restaurant in Brisbane? Favourite dish?
I love Vapiano. My favourite dish would be Bolognese or the Carbonara.
What is your favourite TV show & character?
Friends is my favourite show and Chandler is my favourite character. 
What is the most interesting place you’ve been?
Japan, Nikko (small city in Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture, in the mountains north of Tokyo).
What’s something we would never guess about you?
I’m a red belt with three stripes in Taw Kwon Do.

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