Children’s Dentistry in Camp Hill

Starting them young will set them up with great oral health habits for life

We don't bite. Promise.

Our team get children – we all have kids of our own, and we genuinely love it when kids get excited to come to see us.


Our aim is to make the dentist a fun place for kids – we provide goody bags, turn on Netflix while they’re getting their teeth cleaned (just let us know your child’s favourite show and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate!) and most importantly, teach them about the importance of oral health care.

Is this your child's first dental visit? How exciting!

Is this your child’s first dental visit? How exciting!  Welcome to Vital Dental Care!

For more information about your child’s first dental visit, learn more here.

Free Children's Dentistry? Find out more!

Your child may be eligible for up to $1,000 in bulk-billed general and restorative dental services for your children aged 2-17 years of age under the Australian Government’s Children’s Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS).


To find out if your child qualifies, simply call us and quote your Medicare number and we can check for you straight away.

How do you teach a child oral hygiene?

Getting a child to brush their teeth can be difficult, especially when they are growing into their independence. It is important that parents allow their child this self-sufficiency, however, it is integral that the teeth are still cleaned to a satisfactory standard. This is why we recommend that parents do the ‘second clean’ when the child is still young, just to double-check that areas aren’t being missed.


Setting up a chart to mark off morning and night brushing can be an effective way of promoting the twice a day habit. Integrating flossing in your child’s oral hygiene routine is important, as between the teeth are often the first place decay starts. Having your child lay back on your lap on the couch or on the bed and flossing their molars is an excellent way to introduce them to flossing.