Mouth Guards

Do you or your children play contact sports? It’s vitally (excuse the pun!) important that you consider a dentally-professionally fitted mouth guard, as recommended by the Australian Dental Association.

Why Do You Need a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards are made from strong and flexible plastic that fit over your teeth and protect them from impact. Mouth guards help prevent serious dental injuries for children, teenagers and adults. Without a mouth guard to protect you from an active lifestyle, your teeth are at risk of chipping, cracking or at worst, getting knocked out completely.


A mouth guard can help prevent extremely costly oral injuries. We’ve seen patients with extensive damage that could have easily been prevented with a mouth guard. Don’t risk it!

The Benefits of a Custom Mouth Guard

At Vital Dental Care, we custom design mouth guards to fit your exact specifications for a close and comfortable fit, which will provide you the maximum protection possible. When you use a store-bought mouth guard, you run the risk of causing further injury with it slipping in the mouth or lodging in the throat.

Getting Your Mouth Guard at Vital Dental Care

If you or your kids are playing contact sports, it’s time to get in touch! 


We’ll give you a complete oral health assessment to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy or if we need to address any problems before making the custom fitted guard. 


We then take a mould of your top teeth to design and manufacture your custom mouth guard – you or your child can even select the colour of your mouthguard (depending on availability)!  


Your mouth guard will be ready in 1-2 weeks, and you will come back for a fitting appointment in case any adjustments are needed, and that’s it!

How Much Does it Cost?

Custom mouth guards start at approximately $200 however, if you have private health insurance, some or all of this may be covered by your policy, or if you are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS), the cost may be covered in part also.  

Drop in for a quote today! Contact us here.