Dentist-Guided Whitening

Trust us, you only want whitening done by the professionals

Beautiful before. Brilliant after.

We offer many teeth whitening solutions, but the easiest and quickest option is Philips Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening, which provides whiter teeth in 2 hours or less.

Professional vs Over-the-Counter Treatments?

The advantage of having professional dental whitening, over using a store or online bought do-it-yourself product, is that you can have a whiter smile in a fraction of the time.

We also ensure the procedure is safe and it is the teeth and not the gums that are treated. Whitening treatments contain varying quantities of hydrogen peroxide which may cause damage and sensitivity to the gums if not used correctly.

Your Whitening Visit

Say Cheese!

We take before and after shots so you can see the difference in the brilliance of your smile after your treatment is done.

Whitening Time

We use the Philips Zoom whitening brand for both our in-house and take-home whitening treatments for fast and visible results. Innovative, clinically proven and will boost your brilliant smile by up to 8 shades



Netflix and Chill

Sit back, relax and catch up on your latest bingeworthy Netflix show while your smile brightens. 






Before & Afters

Stronger and brighter

Strengthening your teeth while whitening is one of the many benefits of dentist-guided teeth whitening.  Our solution contains an active ingredient which has been clinically proven to protect the enamel and improve the smoothness and lustre of your teeth.

How It works

We begin by protecting your gums with a special protective coating before applying the whitening gel, which breaks up the stain molecules.


Then, we shine our WhiteSpeed Whitening Accelerator onto the gel which intensifies and accelerates your whitening results.


This process takes about 2 hours – the time it takes for you to get really lost in an awesome Netflix show!

For Best Results

We always recommend having your teeth clean at least a week or two before your whitening visit to ensure you achieve optimal results and best value.